Hazel Jojo was known for her signature introduction, which never failed to capture attention:

“Hi, I am Hazel Jojo, the youngest board member at YETT.”

This statement not only highlighted her achievements but also showcased her pride in being a trailblazer for young women in her field.

Hazel Jojo was a dedicated and certified social worker who ardently championed gender issues and African feminism. With a degree in Social Work, she also held an executive certificate in HIV counselling and criminalisation, and received training in Social Accountability Monitoring from SAFAIDS. As a committed women’s rights activist, Hazel campaigned tirelessly for a more comprehensive Education Act for teenage mothers in Zimbabwe. Her efforts were recognised when she won the Best Project Supporting Girls Award at the 2019 and 2020 Ignite Youth Organisation Awards, and she was chosen as part of the first cohort of AGYW engaging in the UN Education Plus initiative.

Throughout her career, Hazel collaborated with numerous organisations, including Ignite Youth Organisations and the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe. As the youngest board member of the Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust, she continued to advocate for the educational rights and academic freedom of girls and women. Hazel also served on the ATHENA NETWORK’s Young Women Governance Board.

A talented writer, Hazel was a passionate blogger and the lead host of the talk show “The Red Couch.” In her role as SADC Youth Rapporteur, she worked on various consultancy projects and consistently dedicated herself to the betterment of the lives of girls and women in her community.


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